EU Supports Libyan Elections with €6.7m Grant


The European Union Ambassador to Libya, José Sabadell, met on Monday with the head of the Libyan High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad al-Sayeh.

Sabadell reiterated in a statement on his official Twitter account, the EU’s current and future support for the elections in Libya.

The EU official pointed out that the European Union has supported Libya with 6.7 million euros so far, stressing that he wants Libya to succeed, and this requires successful elections.

The European Union confirmed earlier that the maritime borders agreement signed between Turkish President Recep Erdogan and the Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Accord, Fayez Al-Sarraj, violates the sovereign rights of other countries, and therefore cannot have any legal standing for other countries.

Al- Sayeh has held a meeting with a number of municipal council heads, in which he discussed issues related to the constitutional process, and the country’s upcoming elections.

During the meeting, Al-Sayeh discussed ways for cooperation between the HNEC and the municipal councils. This would be through raising awareness levels and providing necessary logistical support for the elections. He also confirmed that HNEC was fully prepared to hold the elections. Al- Sayeh indicated that electoral awareness campaigns are a national responsibility that should be shouldered with the municipal councils, as stipulated in the electoral legislation.