Benghazi’s Benina Airport Prepares to Receive Airbus A320 Aircraft


Benina International Airport is preparing to receive an Airbus A320 aircraft, belonging to Berniq Airways. The aircraft is in the final stages of painting; in preparation for operation. It is due to arrive at the airport at the end of October.

In mid-December 2018, the Bank of Commerce and Development announced the establishment of an airline named “Berniq”. It contributed 40% of the total capital, which is worth 200 million Libyan dinars.

In February 2020, Berniq Airways opened its headquarters in Benghazi, in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank (Al-Bayda branch), Ali Al-Habri. The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Commerce and Development,Juma Abdel-Malek, had earlier stated that the bank was planning to build a new airport in Benghazi.

Berniq Airways announced last July, that it was purchasing its first aircraft manufactured by Airbus, namely the A320. It was scheduled to receive it last September.