Libyan ISIS Leader Dies in Prison


The member of the Islamic State (IS), Hafez Abdul Hamid Al-Barani, died inside Qarnadah prison after health complications linked to his stomach cancer.

Al-Barani was serving his sentence in Qarnadah prison after he was arrested by the security authorities in 2018.

Al-Barani was born in 1979. He is one of the prominent leaders of IS in the city of Derna. He joined the ranks of the organisation in early 2014, after he split from the Abu Salim Brigade loyal to Al-Qaeda, following an ideological dispute.

In 2016, the so-called Shura Mujahideen of Derna, loyal to Al-Qaeda, imposed a house arrest on him after they took control of the city in the same year.

After that, he surrendered to the security authorities in 2018 and was transferred to Qarnadah prison.

He had a brother named Hamdi, who was also in the ranks of the Abu Salim Brigade and was responsible for the bombing and mining within the group. Hamdi, too, moved to the ranks of IS and joined the ranks of the so-called Shabab al Islam in 2014. He commanded what was known as “the Islamic police.”

He was killed later in the year 2018 in clashes against the Libyan National Army during battles to liberate the city of Derna.