Algerian President Warns of Libyan Crisis’ Repercussions on North Africa


Algerian President Abdel-Majid Tebboune warned of the danger and repercussions of the security situation in Libya on all countries of the region and the Mediterranean. He also highlighted the danger of repeating the Syrian and Somali experience in North Africa.

In a speech published by the Algerian presidency on Wednesday, Tebboune said that all the solutions presented to the Libyan crisis during the past nine years after the collapse of the country and its institutions were “fragmentary.”

Tebboune described Libya as “the body in which cancer has spread and is treated with sedatives.” The Algerian President called for holding legislative elections in which all the Libyan people can participate.

He emphasized that serious threats still exist in Libya, saying: “We spoke about them openly at the Berlin conference, that if there is no popular consensus solution in Libya, the region is heading for a disaster similar to the disaster in Syria.”

The Algerian president pointed out that the conflict in Libya is between major global powers, and that the same forces are fighting in Syria. Tebboune also warned that “any slide between the Libyan tribes is capable of turning Libya into a new Somalia at the gates of the Mediterranean.”