Libyan Interim Government PM Discusses COVID-19 Outbreak


On Thursday, the Prime Minister of the Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, held a meeting with Minister of Health, Saad Agoub. They discussd the latest developments regarding the epidemiological situation in the country, and efforts to curb the COVID-19 outbreak.

Agoub emphasized his keenness to attract highly qualified medical personnel to provide advanced medical services for patients infected with virus.
“We are completely aware of the difficulty in dealing with the virus, and we know that doctors put themselves in danger to save the lives of the infected. If we treat patients quickly, we can prevent their health from deteriorating.”

He added that the ministry had also trained a large number of staff in its recommended preventive and precautionary measures, especially in anticipation of the resumption of air traffic in the coming days.

Notably, the General Administration for Coastal Security (GACS) in Libya’s eastern region issued a decision to reopen the air, land, and sea ports in August. This is based on recommendations by the Medical Advisory Committee to Combat Coronavirus.

The procedures for reopening the ports include issuing a monthly list to classify countries into red and green categories. This is based on the epidemiological situation in each country.

GACS noted that all passengers are required to submit a negative PCR test, 48 hours before their departure. In March, Libya declared a state of emergency, over the global COVID-19 epidemic, and closed all land, air, and sea ports.

The meeting also touched on the course of treatment of oncology patients. The meeting specifically regarded to bone marrow transplant for children in Jordan, in addition to the workflow of some service projects scheduled to be completed before the end of the current year.