Report: 392 Thousand Displaced in Libya


A bulletin issued by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Libya, last September, revealed that Libya has one million people in need of assistance, about 392,000 displaced people, and 585,000 migrants and refugees. The OCHA also indicated that the number of internally displaced persons has decreased by 10 percent.

The OCHA pointed out that it managed to reach more than 268,000 people in need of humanitarian aid.

The Humanitarian Bulletin recorded a slow return of the displaced, and the number decreased to 8%. Between June and August, approximately 30,694 families returned to Tripoli, the majority of whom came from Abu Salim and Ain Zara.

The OCHA indicated that there were about 94 accidents caused by mines between May and September, most of them south of Tripoli, which killed 66 people and injured 117 others, 116 of whom were civilians.

The OCHA reported that nearly 125,000 people in Sirte are at great risk, due to the displacement that occurred in the city.

The bulletin described the conditions in the south as from bad to worse, especially after the closure of Sebha airport and the suspension of fuel deliveries to the city.