Libyan Parliament Rejects Governments resignation


A Member of the Libyan Parliament, Ibrahim Al-Dorsi, has said that the Benghazi session was attended by 23 parliamentarians, alongside the second deputy head of parliament, Hamid Houmeh.

In press statements, Al-Dorsi clarified that the session discussed the resignation of Abdullah Al-Thinni’s government. It added that the resignation was rejected by an overwhelming majority, and that the university law was also discussed during the session.

Al-Dorsi pointed out that there was a briefing made by Essam Al Jehani, an MP present at the Dialogue Committee in Bouznika as well as a briefing from Sabah Jumaa, a member of the Constitutional Dialogue Committee held in Cairo. Both Cairo in Egypt and Bouznika in Morocco have been places where members of the parliament and the opposite party from western Libya sat to discuss institutional and constitutional matters.