Libyan Migrants Feared Dead


A fishing boat from the ‘Mazara del Vallo’ navy, with 14 refugees on board, entered the port of Lampedusa on Thursday. All refugees are Libyan nationals, with the exception of one Moroccan citizen.

These include ten men, two women and two children. A further five Libyans are missing at sea, comprising of two men, two women, and a child.

The dynamics of the tragedy, and also that of the rescue are still unclear. Their dilapitated motorboat, the ‘N.vo Cosimo’ was moored at the commercial port of Lampedusa, and accompanied by a Coast Guard patrol boat.

The survivors of the shipwreck were aboard the fishing boat, and the small semi-sunk motorboat was towed by fishermen. The patrol boat that accompanied them was the third of three that left the moorings on Thursday morning.