Libyan Official Assures Fuel Shortage in Tobruk is Temporary


For several days, Tobruk and its environs have been witnessing a suffocating fuel crisis due to the shortage of petrol and diesel at the distribution stations.

The director of the Tobruk region at the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC), Eid Hadoth, said on Friday that the company is trying to overcome the shortage in the coming days.

Hadoth added that the company had distributed 700,000 litres of gasoline to the area between Bab Zaytun, east of Tobruk, and Al Qardabah area, west of Tobruk, which extends for about 70 kilometres.

He said: “On Saturday, we are going to distribute the rest of the stock in the Tobruk warehouse with 700 thousand litres to the same region and try to overcome the gasoline shortage crisis there.”

He added, “A diesel tanker left Benghazi after unloading a quantity of 30 million litres, and a gasoline tanker with a capacity of 30 million litres will enter immediately after.”

Regarding the Tobruk warehouse, Eid Hadoth added: “We rely on the Tobruk refinery production of diesel with a daily production of 700,000 litres.” He also noted that this quantity of diesel is received from Tobruk‚Äôs refinery every 3 to 4 days.

He explained that the Tobruk warehouse distributes fuel, in both petrol and diesel form, to the city of Derna in the west, to Imsaad in the east, and to Al Jaghbub in the south.