IRINI Inspects Syrian Ship on its way to Libya


On Saturday, the European Union’s Operation IRINI inspected the Syrian flagged General Cargo vessel CAPT ABEDA to monitor compliance with the United Nations Security Council’s Resolutions concerning the arms embargo on Libya.

The Syrian merchant vessel departed from Akdeniz in the Southeast of Turkey on 21 October and was on route to the coastal town of Misrata in Libya.

The IRINI personnel boarded the vessel in international waters, 150 nautical miles North West of Tobruk, Libya. They examined the documentation on board and inspected the cargo, which consisted of large bags of cement.

The boarding party did not find anything suspicious and allowed the vessel to proceed on its way. All recommended COVID-19 precautions were observed during the boarding.

Operation IRINI is part of the EU’s commitment to supporting the Berlin process and restore stability in Libya.