Libya’s GNA Denounces Macron’s Statements Against Islam


On Monday, the Foreign Ministry of Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) denounced statements by the French President Emmanuel Macron against Islam.

The Spokesman for the GNA Foreign Ministry, Mohamed Al-Qiblawy, said the French President’s insulting statements against the Prophet were fueling feelings of hatred.

He added that Macron was making partisan political gains by issuing such statements.
“We would like to remind the French President of the declaration of the European Court of Human Rights issued in 2018. It states that insulting Prophet does not fall under freedom of expression”, Mr. Al-Qiblawy tweeted on Monday.

The Libyan official called on the French leader to “Refrain from his provocative statements and apologize to more than a billion Muslims, including French citizens”.

Libyans expressed their anger on social media and organized demonstrations over Macron’s statements.