Camels Cause Traffic Accidents in Oil Crescent


Residents of Libya’s oil crescent region have demanded that deterrent measures be taken against owners of camel herds. This is due to a number of fatal traffic accidents in the region.

Libyan News Agency (LANA) reported that people had spotted dozens of camels cross the highway linking the city of Ajdabiya with Al-Arbaeen area, Brega, Bishr, and Al-Aqliah.

On Saturday, the Ajdabiya-Ras Lanuf road witnessed the death of Marzouq Yassin Al-Fakhiri after his vehicle collided with an unsupervised camel.

In a statement to LANA, a security source called on car drivers to take precautions while driving on the highway linking the areas of the Oil Crescent as a large number of camels roam this area unsupervised.

The Oil Crescent highway records numerous accidents of this kind annually. There are currently no deterrent measures being taken against the owners of these camels, or any barriers set to prevent them from reaching the road.