Libya’s Deputy Prime Minister Congratulates Libyans on Reopening Oil Fields


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Ahmed Maiteeq congratulated the Libyan people on the reopening of all oil fields, the latest of which was the Al-Feel field.

This ends the force majeure on the country’s ports and marks the resumption of exports that had been suspended since January.

Maiteeq urged state institutions to exert more effort and invest in a positive future after the recently signed economic agreement. He added that oil production was resumed according to such an agreement, confirming the good intentions after the armed conflict.

Maiteeq called for the resumption of the program of economic reforms. He also called to address the exchange rate of the Libyan dinar, whether on foreign exchange sales for commercial or personal purposes.

The Deputy PM explained that the matter will contribute to saving foreign exchange reserves, eliminating the black market, and addressing the cash shortage in commercial banks.

“The permanent ceasefire agreement has given hope to a sustainable treatment of the suffocating economic crisis, that has disrupted the country`s facilities, and institutions for several years. The re-opening of the oil fields was the first initiative that succeeded in moving the wheel of negotiations, and national dialogue. It produced great consensuses to restore the flow of oil, and opened broad prospects for reconciliation and the cohesion of the country”.