Libya’s Electric Company Hires Foreign Experts to Solve Power Cuts


The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) stated that it has hired foreign experts from General Electric (GE) company. The experts are to conduct the required operational tests for the Al-Khums emergency project.

GECOL confirmed that previous work by local experts, was “professional work, and according to the manufacturer’s advice and instructions to operate these units safely.”

In September, GECOL announced that it had dispatched technicians from Siemens, for the annual maintenance of several power plants.

These technicians have carried out major maintenance work on three of the production units of the Sarir plant, two of the Benghazi North plant, and one of the Zueitina plant. Maintenance work will also be carried out at the Tripoli South, Zawia, Khums, and Western Mountain power plants.

Over the last months, Libyan protesters have taken to the streets to express their anger on the permanent power cuts, fuel shortages, and the high cost of living.