Tunisian FM Discusses Libyan Border Crisis with MPs


Tunisia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Othman Al-Jerandi, discussed the latest developments in Libya, including the border crossings issue. This was during a public parliamentary hearing session.

The discussion with Al-Jerandi dealt with issues related to the Tunisian diaspora, the return of student scholarships, as well as the issue of border crossings with Libya.

The MPs had requested clarifications from the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the border crossings crisis with Libya. They called for the development of common areas as a permanent solution to the social problems that erupt from time to time in Ben Gardane.

MP Abeer Moussa, head of Tunisia’s Free Constitutional Party, called for members to find development solutions for border areas, and open border crossings with Libya. This is so that “Tunisia does not lose its commercial position in favour of other competing countries.”

In turn, MP Yassine Ayari called for the closure of the “Tunisian borders to the citizens of each country that closed its borders to Tunisian citizens.” He inquired about the ministry’s efforts in informing the Tunisian diaspora in countries where the rates of the COVID-19 have increased.

MP Maher Mazyoub called for facilitating the diaspora in obtaining a national identity card, and passport documents.

In response to MPs’ questions, Al-Jerandi said: “The ministry is in the process of following up the files related to the closure of border crossings with Libya, in light of the pandemic’s outbreak.”