UNSMIL Reports Representatives of Gaddafi Regime Care to Serve Libya


The UN Acting Envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, praised the representatives of the regime of the late leader Muammar Gaddafi, saying that they unite the Libyan ranks and want to serve them in their country.

Williams confirmed that she will participate in the fifth round of the (5+5) Joint Military Track Committee meetings, in the city of Ghadames on Monday.

She said – in televised statements – that she is “pleased and optimistic” about the contribution of the Gaddafi regime’s supporters in bringing the members of the dialogue together around the table.

She expressed her optimism about the implementation of the “ceasefire agreement”, because it was reached by the Libyans themselves, noting that the members of the committee’s delegations showed a very great desire for consensus, cooperation, and work together to implement the terms of the agreement and its various aspects.

“We will consider in particular the issue of establishing sub-committees for the ceasefire agreement, in addition to discussing the monitoring mechanism and the reform of oil installations,” the UN official noted. She explained that the establishment of the sub-committees will relate to the issue of disarmament, reintegration of armed groups and reform of the security sector.

“In Geneva we talked about the need of people in southern Libya for assistance to provide basic services and security. The southern region suffers from deprivation and lack of contact with other parties from the state.”

“There is a very big security crisis in this region and therefore it is important that this meeting be held in Ghadames to deliver a message to the people of the south that help is on its way to you and the Libyan leaders are standing with you.”

She indicated that the government of national unity expected to be formed requires the political process to continue with the same seriousness and dedication in order to unify the sovereign, executive and security institutions and to set a fixed date for holding elections on a constitutional basis.

The UN Acting Envoy described her discussions with Turkish and Russian officials as “successful and good.”

She stated, “I am clearly aware that there are some efforts being exerted by some from the political class in order to obstruct the Tunisian dialogue. Williams called for the inclusion of women in the political process in Libya.

She confirmed that the LNA leader Khalifa Haftar, GNA Premier Fayez Al-Sarraj, Parliament Speaker Ageela Saleh and High Council of State President Khaled Al-Mishri will not participate in the political dialogue in Tunisia.