Ghadames Meeting to Prioritise Security Situation in Libya


A member of the Government of National Accord’s (5+5) Joint Military Committee (JMC), Mukhtar Al-Naqasa, has discussed the priorities of the ongoing JMC meeting in Ghadames.

After the signing of the ceasefire agreement in Geneva by the JMC, a follow-up meeting was planned in the Libyan city of Ghadames. This is set to take place from 2-4 November.

Al-Naqasa confirmed that they were taking all security measures to secure the area, accommodation, and conference centre. He pointed out that the goal of the Ghadames meeting is the implementation of the ceasefire mechanism.

Al-Naqasa added that they discussed the withdrawal of all forces to their camps, the expulsion of mercenaries and foreign fighters, as well as the restructuring of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG).

He pointed out that the committee also discussed the activation of the Joint Operations Room. This was agreed upon in the security and military meetings, held in the Egyptian city of Hurghada last month.

He explained that the Operation Room will include police personnel from the east, west, and south. These are due to replace the withdrawing forces and secure the area.

He thanked the people of Ghadames, who have cooperated with the JMC, warmly received its members, and expressed their happiness with the ceasefire agreement.