Libyan Parliament to Monitor Withdrawal of Foreign Fighters


The Deputy Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Ahmed Houmah, confirmed that time will prove and determine the extent of the recent ceasefire agreement in Libya. Houmah indicated that the Parliament will monitor the exit of foreign fighters from Libyan territory, within three months.

He expressed his hope that all parties taking part in the upcoming Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Tunisia, would agree on the principle of “a united Libya,” adding that, “We will see and watch what will happen in Tunisia, and what will be the outcomes of the political dialogue.”

Houmah pointed out that Tunisia has hosted in recent years many conferences and meetings of interest to the Libyan-led dialogue. This has contributed to bridging the gap between the conflicting parties. He said that there is resentment from some civil society institutions, and some politicians about the names of some of the participating members in the forum.

“This agreement will contribute to paving and facilitating the work of the rest of the committees, such as constitutional committees, or the committee that was formed regarding sovereign positions, as well as other committees that work to ensure the constitutional path.”