Tunisia Bans Hunting Near Libyan Borders


Tunisian authorities have decided to prevent all hunting activities in the Tunisian desert, near the border with Libya due to security concerns, press sources reported.

The sources said that the Tunisian authorities’ decision is due to foreign elements “exploiting hunting activities in order to harm Tunisian national security.”

The sources revealed that these hunting activities are related to intelligence fields related to the activity of terrorists in southern Tunisia, near the western borders of Libya.

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior announced earlier that it had seized Turkish-made weapons that were on their way to Tunisia coming from Libya.

During September and October, the Tunisian Ministry of Interior dismantled many terrorist cells associated with the Libyan armed groups operating between Tripoli and Misrata.

Earlier, the Libyan National Army (LNA) had accused Turkey of deploying foreign mercenaries in Libya to fight against them. Turkey denied the allegations.