Libya Capital Receives 23 Thousand Tonnes of Gasoline


The Port of Tripoli is waiting for the arrival of a ship, carrying 23,000 tons of gasoline, according to the Libyan Ports Company.

The company published recent data, which showed that the Port of Tripoli`s administration is expecting a number of ships to enter its port.

The port’s administration announced the upcoming arrival of the ship Shodziz from the shipping agency “Tripoli,” carrying 116 containers of goods and various commodities, in addition to the ship “AMIR BE” of the shipping agency “Amal Libyan”, carrying 7,800 tons of bagged cement.

The port administration is awaiting the arrival of the ship “ANWAAR AL NASER”, affiliated to the shipping agency “Al-Alamiah”, carrying 23,000 tons of gasoline.

Notably, on Saturday, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced that it managed to raise production rates to 1,036,035 barrels a day.

In a statement posted on Facebook, NOC said: “Our gratitude goes to Allah first, then to the employees of the oil sector in different parts of Libya who managed to accomplish these huge achievements.”

The NOC added that this could have never been achieved without its workers’ intensified and exceptional efforts that were exerted under very difficult circumstances.

The NOC noted that it faces important financial difficulties and a budget deficit which has led to accumulating debts on the oil sector’s companies and to significant delay for the payment of salaries for its service companies.