Why are 120 Companies Filing Complaints against Libya’s GNA?


120 Libyan Construction companies will protest against the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) next week, due to delays in their financial dues.

An employee related to these companies discussed with the economic newspaper Sada. He said they are planning to hold a protest in front of the headquarters of the Presidential Council, to demand their rights.

Ramadan Maymoun revealed that 120 Libyan construction companies are affected by the state’s failure to pay their dues. These were for contracts for the reconstruction of schools destroyed in the 2011 war.

Maymoun pointed out that the successive governments have been procrastinating in repaying the debts owed to the companies. He said that they are now demanding their financial dues from the Presidencial Council.

The protest came with the imminent conclusion of a comprehensive agreement through political, and economic dialogues in Tunisia. The political talks are hoped to end the years-long conflict. The contracting companies hope to include their financial dues in the state budget for 2021, according to Maymoun.