Libyan Admits to Stabbing 3 Men in Britain


On Wednesday, a Libyan man pleaded guilty to murder for stabbing three of his friends to death with a knife as they sat in an English city park.

The 26-year-old, Khairi Saadallah, admitted to three murders and three attempted murders for the June 20 attack west of London.

The three British men were enjoying a warm Saturday evening in a park when they were stabbed. Each died from a single stab wound. Three other men were injured.

Police declared the stabbings a terrorist attack. Prosecutors said Saadallah has stabbed all six victims within two minutes.

The Judge said during a hearing at the London Criminal Court that Saadallah maintained he was not motivated by an ideological cause and had not done substantial planning for the attack. The judge has set a sentencing hearing for December 7.