IS militant Family Members to Leave Libya. Where will they go?


Negotiations are ongoing between judicial authorities in Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt, regarding the receiving of Islamic State (IS) families who were arrested in Libya.

The Libyan authorities arrested these women on the battlefronts in the cities of Sirte, and Sabratha. Their membership in IS and Al Qaeda in Libya has been proven.

Sources told Sky News that the North African authorities have agreed to receive the accused and noted that legal measures are being taken in this regard.

Some of these detainees have ended their sentences in prisons in western Libya. A number of countries have previously refused to receive women accused of belonging to IS, as popular opinion is against their return.

Arab countries have arrested several women, including in Iraq, Morocco, and Syria. The largest number of IS women is concentrated in Syria, where the organisation used to control large swathes of land. While women’s roles in IS were previously restricted to sub-tasks away from the battlefields, this policy has changed as it lost more territory in Iraq, Syria, and Libya.