Armed Group Attacks Power Station West of Libyan Capital


The General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL) announced on Saturday that an outlaw group attacked the Ruwais power station, beating and threatening its operators with death.

In a statement, GECOL revealed that the outlaw group forced the station operators to disconnect some of the main lines, and fired bullets at the station equipment, which led to its damage and it going out of service.

The company called upon “all security authorities to intervene quickly to solve these problems and protect the components of GECOL.

GECOL added that it is not the first time that power stations in Libya have been subjected to acts of violence to force their operators to operate them under coercion.

Last month, GECOL has announced that it has dispatched technicians from Siemens for the annual maintenance of several power plants.

During September, protesters took to the streets to express their anger over the constant power cuts, fuel shortages, and the high cost of living.