Will the Mercenaries Withdraw from Libya?


A member of the Government of National Accord (GNA) military delegation, Al-Fitouri Gribel, said the (5+5) Joint Military Commission (JMC) has formed a subcommittee to count the heavy armed fighters and vehicles belonging to the two sides of Libya’s conflict.

He noted that the fighters and the medium and light weapons will be removed from the lines of contact.

Gribel said the Libyan parties are committed to implementing the ceasefire on time.

He added that after the withdrawal of the heavy machinery, and the formation of a joint force of the army and police from both sides to secure the area, the second stage will begin. This next stage includes the withdrawal of the mercenaries – which according to him is an irreversible matter – by land, sea, and air.

Gribel stressed that the Libyans agreed to expel mercenaries from the country.

He indicated that the JMC, during its last meeting in Sirte, agreed to meet next week with representatives of the countries that participated in the Berlin Conference “to urge them to assume their responsibilities, and to provide all possible support in the process of deporting mercenaries.”

“There is no longer any talk of eastern or western forces, all of them are bases for the Libyan army. The main goal that is being pursued in all ways is to unify the military institution,” Gribel said.