US Congress Passes Libyan Stabilization Act


On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives passed the Libyan Stabilization Act, which is concerned with setting the political framework for the US State Department towards the North African country and calls for limiting international interference in Libya and supports the democratic path.

The bill was introduced by Ted Deutch and Joe Wilson, the Democratic chairman and top Republican on the House’s Middle East panel.

The Libya Stabilization Act could finally mean accountability for those who violate the arms embargo in Libya, or threaten the peace, security, and stability of the country.

The passage of this bill creates a much-needed reporting mechanism on foreign interference in Libya, including for those who provide military support in violation of the United Nations’ arms embargo and those who threaten civilian lives.

This bill directly addresses the root causes of the conflict and could have a meaningful impact on the human rights situation in the country.

The bill authorizes US support for efforts to strengthen good governance, promotes anti-corruption measures, and supports economic recovery both during and after a negotiated political solution to the Libyan conflict.

It also authorizes the Department of State and USAID to provide humanitarian assistance to Libyans and migrants and requires the creation of a strategy to address the humanitarian situation in Libya.

The bill seeks to advance diplomacy and calls for a political process under UN auspices, the implementation of relevant UN Security Council Resolutions, and for the United States to leverage diplomacy to end the conflict in Libya.