EU’s IRINI Operation Stresses Its Neutrality Towards Libyan Parties


The European Operation IRINI has confirmed on Friday that it is neutral towards the Libyan parties.

In a statement, IRINI said that Admiral Fabio Agostini and the European Union’s ambassador in Tripoli, José Antonio Sabadell, held a series of official meetings from 16-18 November with senior representatives of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Admiral Agostini met with GNA Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj, Defence Minister Salah El-Din Al-Namroush, Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha, Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala and representatives of the Special Committee for Libya, according to AKI news agency.

During the meeting, Agostini stressed the neutrality of the IRINI mission towards the Libyan parties and reviewed the results achieved.

The statement pointed out that Admiral Agostini stressed the fact that the European operation is the only international actor that implements the United Nations embargo on Libya as part of its full support for the Berlin peace process.

The statement added that Operation IRINI aims to stop all types of illicit arms trafficking at sea, air, and land, regardless of the perpetrators. It also aims to stop the flow of weapons and paving the way for effective diplomacy, which would lead to stability, peace, and prosperity for the Libyan people.

In this context, Admiral Agostini encouraged his Libyan counterparts to also resume training activities in support of the Coast Guard and the Libyan Navy, to further enhance their capabilities necessary to ensure full control of security in their maritime area of responsibility.

The training of the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy provided by IRINI significantly increases security in the waters near Libya’s coast. The EU mission also secures the international community in the field of navigation, which contributes to the recovery of the Libyan economy, according to the statement.

It concluded by saying: “In such a complicated moment, it is necessary for all actors involved in the process of giving Libya a stable future to make the necessary efforts and vision for a change to make a real difference.”