Libyan Red Crescent Retrieves Bodies of 5 Migrants Near Misrata


On Saturday, the Libyan Red Crescent managed to retrieve the bodies of 5 migrants from Misrata’s coast.

The Libyan Media reported that 5 migrants’ bodies were recovered from the coast of Misrata by the body management team and the follow-up of missing persons affairs in the Libyan Red Crescent.

There were no more details about the circumstances of the bodies’ exhumation.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) announced on Friday in a statement the recovery of 100 bodies off the coast of the cities of Khums and Surman in Libya. These were also the bodies of illegal migrants who perished at sea due to the sinking of their two boats.

It is worth mentioning that IOM said last September that the Libyan border guards had intercepted about 8,000 asylum seekers seeking to cross the Mediterranean from the country’s coasts since the beginning of 2020.