Egyptian Parliament Confirms Support for Libya


The Egyptian Parliament’s Secretary-General Mahmoud Fawzi stated that Egypt cannot abandon its principles in defending Egyptian and Arab national security.

“Egypt is always keen to achieve security and stability in Libya and the Arab world”, he said.

Fawzi added that the invitation by Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel-Aal to his Libyan counterpart, Ageela Saleh, to hold a meeting in Cairo confirms Egypt’s keenness for the unity and safety of its neighbour.

Fawzi said that “Egypt always has and forever will work for the unity of the Libyan people and the Libyan state. Therefore, in light of the continuing Libyan crisis, the Speaker called for Saleh to hold talks with a number of Libyan representatives in order to restore harmony between all parties”.

Fawzi added that the Libyan Parliament has agreed to invite Abdel-Aal while coordination is currently underway in order to set a date for this meeting. He pointed out that the goal is to achieve integration and consensus between members of the Libyan Parliament throughout the country.

He revealed that the Egyptian Parliament Speaker was keen to give his Libyan counterpart the right to invite any member of the Libyan Parliament as part of his delegation. This aims to achieve harmony and “proves Egypt’s pioneering role in achieving consensus and understanding between all Libyan parties supporting peace”.