Russian Foreign Minister and Libyan Parliament Speaker Discuss Libyan Crisis


On Tuesday Libyan Parliament Speaker Ageela Saleh arrived to Moscow for an official visit to discuss the latest developments in the Libyan crisis.

In a statement, the Parliament’s spokesman Abdullah Belhaq said that Saleh held a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. This was to discuss the latest developments in Libya, the Middle East, and ways to resolve the Libyan conflict.

During the meeting, the two sides also discussed the role of the international community and the Russian authorities in helping to put an end to the crisis.

Lavrov said that Moscow supports a ceasefire and has called for a sustainable settlement based on international law and United Nations Security Council resolutions.

They also discussed the consolidation of international efforts in support of a peace settlement based on the outcomes of the Berlin Conference and UNSCR 2510.

Fathi Al-Meremi, Saleh’s advisor, said that the visit was arranged following an invitation by Russian authorities. The Speaker is due to meet with senior Russian officials in order to discuss economic, diplomatic and military issues related to Libya.

“He will also discuss the Turkish aggression against Libya”, Al-Meremi stated. He highlighted the importance of Russia’s role as a regional and global power, and stressed the need to maintain the ceasefire.