Belgian Government Advisor Confirms Turkey’s Use of Mercenaries in Libya


Koert Debeuf, a former advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister, said that Turkey has sent mercenaries and weapons from Syria to Libya “not only several times, but throughout the year”.

“We all know that the war in Libya started locally, but it ignited with the flow of weapons from everywhere, and this must stop”, Debeuf said in a television interview. He added that “the United Nations has emphasized that peace cannot be achieved in Libya if weapons continue to flow into the country”.

The Belgian researcher stated that the EU’s Operation IRINI is “attempting to compel and impose an embargo on sending weapons across the Mediterranean”.

On Tuesday, the French Minister of Foreign Trade, Frank Richer, said that EU member states will take a “decisive stance” in their next meeting regarding Turkish policies. “France calls on Turkey to stop its hostilities and stop its expansionist policies, especially in the eastern Mediterranean” and to “respect European sovereignty”.