Libyan Parliament Speaker Accuses Parties of Obstructing Formation of New Executive Authority


Ageela Saleh, the Speaker of the eastern-based Libyan Parliament, accused unnamed parties of obstructing the establishment of a new executive authority in the country.

Saleh said in a press statement that he had expected the process of forming the authority to take place during the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) held in Tunis, “but those who do not want Libya to get out of its crisis prevented that”.

He revealed that the new Presidential Council will consist of three members, with each region nominating its representative. “The Prime Minister will be selected from another region than the Head of the Presidential Council,” Saleh explained.

“The door for candidacy will be opened for the presidential elections at the end of next year, after all parties agree on this”, Saleh noted.

The Speaker called on Acting Head of the UN mission in Libya, Stephanie Williams, to expedite the formation of the executive authority. He indicated that the situation is now improving in Libya.

Notably, on Wednesday, Acting SRSG Stephanie Williams said that the situation in Libya remained “fragile” and “dangerous”.