Former Libyan Interior Minister: No Reconciliation Without Exit of Mercenaries


Libya’s former Minister of the Interior Ashour Shweil said that the Libyan crisis is fundamentally a crisis of confidence and that each side does not trust the other.

Shweil stressed that “everyone who brings mercenaries must be held accountable before the national will and the people.”

He explained that the reconciliation will only take place with the withdrawal of weapons and the exit of mercenaries.

“Unfortunately, there are those who cling to armed groups within the political dialogue. After Skhirat, the problem is represented in the agents who brought mercenaries and they are the ones who fuel discord among the Libyan people,” Shweil added in press statements.

“The people must put their hands in the hands of each other,” he said. “I assure you that if we finish the 5 + 5 military track, the political dialogue and the economic track will also succeed after them.”