Bloomberg: Turkey Should Change Policies Towards Libya Ahead of Biden Presidency


Turkey is seeking to mend relations with traditional western allies as Joe Biden’s U.S. election victory and the threat of European sanctions force Ankara to rethink on its foreign policy towards Libya, Syria and the EU, Bloomberg reported.

Biden has repeatedly announced his opposition to Erdogan’s policies and support for the Turkish opposition.

Bloomberg indicated that Erdogan is trying to mitigate the dispute with NATO over the Russian S-400 system in order to avoid sanctions by separating the Russian-made air defense system from the NATO systems, which had caused widespread anger.

It is noteworthy that Turkish policies have sparked global criticism on many files, including in North Cyprus and in the disputed waters of the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey is in conflict with Russia in Syria and its interventions in Libya, while the Nagorno-Karabakh crisis has sparked widespread international criticism and demands to punish Ankara.