Zintan Airport Resumes Flights


On Sunday, the Zintan Airport received a Libyan Airlines plane coming from the Hamada oil field. This is the first arrival since the resumption of flights and the application of security and safety requirements mandated by the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, which is a regulatory body linked to the Government of National Accord. The airport also announced that it had completed paving its main car park.

Flights were suspended at Zintan airport at the request of the Civil Aviation Authority due to the lack of security and safety requirements at the airport and the separation of airspace from the ground space.

Of note, the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority also announced a few days ago that it approved the return of flights from Damascus International Airport to Benina International Airport. The first flight is scheduled for Sunday, 29 November.

The Libyan Airports Authority of the General Authority for Transportation stated that the first flights will take place via Syria’s Cham Wings Airline. It is unclear whether public and private Libyan airlines will be involved in operating flights to Syria.