Sudan Arrests Fighters Heading to Libya


The Sudanese Rapid Support Forces (RSF) stopped 600 people who were on their way to Libya to join armed groups there. In a statement, RSF spokesman Jamal Jumaa said that this came after monitoring suspicious movements on the Libyan border.

Jumaa added, “The RSF arrested many Sudanese during their migration to Libya, including 600 people who were on their way to work with the armed groups there.”

The RSF reportedly took legal measures against a citizen returning from Libya in late 2019. The individual was in possession of pledges to recruit 1,000 men to take part in the Libyan conflict, according to the RSF spokesman. Jumaa denied the participation of the RSF in that conflict and noted that there are no regular Sudanese forces participating in the war in Libya.

Jumaa also denied a letter attributed to RSF Deputy Head Abdel-Rahim Hamdan Dagalo The letter referred to his endorsement of a plan to send 1,200 soldiers from the Nyala camp to Al-Jufra base to support Libyan forces stationed in Benghazi. Jumaa pointed out that this letter was 100% forged and cannot be attributed to the RSF.