Tripoli’s Al-Khadra Hospital Demands Doctor’s Safe Return


Colleagues of the kidnapped Dr. Al-Siddiq bin Dallah, who is the head of the orthopaedic surgery department at Al-Khadra Hospital in Tripoli, have demanded the Ministry of Interior and all relevant authorities to ensure his safe return.

On 1st December, Dr. bin Dallah was reportedly driving home on the ‘11 June road’ when he was kidnapped by unidentified criminals. In a statement, the National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) said that the kidnappers bear the criminal and legal responsibility for his fate and called for his immediate and unconditional release.

Earlier, the embassies of the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands in Libya condemned the kidnapping of Dr. bin Dallah.

The Ministry of Interior, as well as security authorities, called for an urgent intervention to release the doctor. They stressed that the escalation of kidnapping, illegal detention, and armed robbery in Tripoli has become a dangerous issue.