Libya-Italy Discuss Release of Detained Fishermen in Benghazi


The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian House of Representatives, Piero Fassino, called in a meeting with his counterpart at the Libyan Parliament, Yousef Al-Agouri, for the release of the Sicilian fishermen who have been detained in Benghazi since September.

In a statement released by the Italian House of Representatives, Fassino said that the release of the fishermen would be “humanitarian and fair work.” “They are husbands and fathers who must be returned to their families and to their normal lives,” he added.

On the Libyan crisis, Fassino stressed the need not to lose the opportunity provided by the intra-Libyan talks for a peaceful solution and the desired stability that brings together all the parties involved in the Libyan dialogue.

He also called for the need to improve cooperation between the two sides in combating illegal migration and in respecting human rights.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the heads of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian and Libyan parliaments agreed to continue parliamentary cooperation between the two countries in favour of resolving the Libyan crisis.