Arab Parliament Says Turkey Must Leave Libya


On Tuesday, the Arab Parliament’s Speaker Adel Abdel-Rahman Al-Asoumi said that in May, the Arab Parliament launched two initiatives to confront Turkish and Iranian interventions in the Arab world.

“I am optimistic at the current stage. The Libyan-led dialogue sessions give us great hope and we are well aware that the Libyan people can solve their problems themselves, with Arab support”, Al-Asoumi said during an interview with Al-Ain News. “Indeed, the ongoing negotiations are consolidating a comprehensive Libyan reconciliation aimed at the security and stability of the country”, he added.

The speaker stated that, “Libyan dialogue will not succeed and the suffering of the Libyans and their reunification will not end before Turkey leaves the country. The Turkish government is practicing real violations against the state’s sovereignty. It is playing a dangerous role inside Libya, with the support of certain parties so as not to reach an end to the crisis.”

He claimed that Ankara does not want the Libyan crisis to be resolved. “The Libyan crisis is not difficult to be resolved, but it needs a real Libyan will. We seek as much as possible to have a role in Libya as an Arab parliament, and we always call for a solution to the crisis through Libyans only. The danger of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation is clearly targeting the region and the world”, he said.

“We reject the involvement of Islam with any negative action. The Arab Parliament strongly supports the Libyan-led dialogue and welcomes any role that ends the crisis and achieves stability in the country”, he concluded.