Turkish Planes Spotted Over Sirte & Al-Jufra


The Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ reported on Wednesday that Turkish drones have been flying over the Libyan ceasefire line of Sirte – Al-Jufra.

The newspaper stated that a number of Libyan sources have reported explosions, noting that there is still no official confirmation of any airstrikes. It added that tensions are high between the Libyan National Army (LNA) and Turkey after naval forces seized a Jamaican-flagged cargo ship led by a Turkish crew on Monday. The ship was on its way to the western port of Misrata. The newspaper stated that it expects clashes between Turkey and the LNA.

La Repubblica noted that Western sources confirmed that the vessel ‘Mabrouka’ was passing near the city of Derna, in an area that the LNA had long declared a restricted military zone.

A few days ago, the LNA announced a state of emergency among its forces in the region, requesting forces to be on high alert.