Libyan Government Sends Medical Aid to Sabha to Address COVID-19


The Libyan Interim government has dispatched medical equipment to the southern town of Sabha. This comes in light of the state of emergency that was declared across Libya and the precautionary measures being taken by the state to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Deputy Head of the Supreme Committee on Coronavirus in Sabha, Mohammed Abu Khazzam, said that the government had sent medical equipment in response to the distress calls of southern municipalities.

He explained that the Supreme Committee on Coronavirus had also summoned the head of the African community in Sabha, asking him to tally the number of unregistered migrants in the city. According Abu Khuzam, preparations are being made to place unregistered migrants in quarantine to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 in the city.

Abu Khazzam stressed that unregistered migrants in Libya suffer from a complete lack of services, with no access to accomodation or medical care. This is one of the main issues faced by migrants during this critical period.