Migrants Detained in Western Libya Face Harsh Conditions


The Libyan human rights organization “Ya Baladi” issued a statement on Friday confirming that about 300 migrants, including minors, are still waiting to be transferred to another detention center that is more humane and more suitable for decent living conditions.

The organization stressed that these migrants suffer from harsh conditions in the detention center of Zahir al-Jabal-Zintan in western Libya, which is currently controlled by GNA aligned forces.

The Ya Biladi organization said that the detained migrants are living in harsh conditions and that the armed group controlling the facility is preventing visits by human rights organizations.

Available data indicates that there are about 100 children sleeping in open areas without toilets or drinking water and unfit food, according to the MENA-Monitor news website.

Libyan militias are controlling detention centers where migrants are exposed from time to time to incursions, like what happened on September 20 when a militia attacked migrants.

The statement noted that garbage and waste accumulate inside the cells for several days, which poses a serious health risk, while tensions increase between the detainees as a result of their anger and despair.

The Government of National Accord (GNA) controls the west of Libya, while the east of Libya is controlled by a parallel administration that supports the Libyan National Army (LNA).