UNSMIL Calls Dialogue Committee to Vote on 2 Options for New Presidential Council


On Sunday, the Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Stephanie Williams, sent a letter to the 75 members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) regarding the determination of the mechanism for selecting the executive authority involved in managing the preparatory period for the elections.

In her letter, Williams said: “UNSMIL sends you the best regards and would like to express our deep appreciation and admiration for your valuable efforts and your extensive discussions over the past few days […] about the most appropriate and consensual way forward in determining a mechanism to choose the executive authority concerned with managing the preparatory period for the national elections.”

Williams added: “Accordingly, UNSMIL extracted from the overall proposals and discussions two options that we put in your hands to start the voting process on the required percentage to approve one of them.”

“The vote will be on one of the following two options: 1- two-thirds of the members in addition to 50% + 1 from each region; 2- 60% of the members in addition to 50% +1 from each region.”

She went on saying: “The option that will get two-thirds of the votes will be adopted, and we would like to point out that the process will start at 3:00 pm and continue until Monday at 6:00 pm.”

“We thank you for your great interaction and your eagerness to participate and contribute positively so that we can move forward in implementing the roadmap that you agreed to in the Tunis meeting last month,” she added.