Arab Parliament Calls for Ending All Foreign Interference in Libya


On Sunday, the Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Yamahi, said that the parliament’s meeting held yesterday in Cairo was part of a series of meetings to discuss the latest developments in a number of Arab countries, especially the situation in Libya.

In a statement, Al-Yamahi said that the Arab Parliament called on all Libyan warring parties to assume national responsibility and give priority to the interest of Libya and its people above any other consideration, through holding a comprehensive political dialogue among representatives of all Libyans. He also encouraged engagement in the UN-sponsored security, political and economic tracks.

He also voiced the parliament’s full support for reaching a political settlement to the Libyan crisis that will ensure the state’s sovereignty over its entire territory, preserve its unity, and end all forms of foreign interference in internal Libyan affairs.

It is noteworthy that the Arab Parliament adopted during its meeting yesterday a draft resolution on strengthening security and military cooperation among all Arab countries.

Libya has been in chaos ever since the 2011 overthrow and killing of Dictator Moammar Gaddafi in a NATO-backed uprising, with warring rival administrations battling for power. Since the downfall of Gaddafi, Libya also has become a key route for irregular migration from Africa into Europe, across the Mediterranean Sea.