Barqa Notables Deny Desire to Secede from Libya


Salih Basha Al-Atioush, a notable of the eastern region of Barqa, denied claims that he called for the region’s secession from Libya, and the formation of a new state.

In press statements, Al-Atioush said that he did not threaten the secession of the region, but rather called for the unity of the country and the fair distribution of its wealth among its people.

The elder stipulated that the members of the Barqa region who would participate in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) must be chosen by them, with each region choosing their own representatives. He stressed that no region has the right to interfere in the choices of another region, indicating that this matter is demanded by all the political and social components and leaders of Barqa.

Al-Atioush claimed that the people would refuse to let anyone outside the region dictate who will choose their share in the sovereign and political positions.