Libyan Oil Corporation: Armed Groups are Planning to Attack our Headquarters Using Car-Bombs


The National Oil Corporation (NOC) said it is concerned over reports that its companies will be targeted by car-bombs, noting that it has communicated with the relevant security authorities. The Corporation pointed out that all precautions are being taken by raising the levels of awareness to combat the hazards surrounding the oil sector.

The NOC added that it strongly condemned the interference by an armed group, in the technical activities of the Brega Oil Marketing Company. “The NOC warned this group that it will take all the necessary legal actions against its individuals involved in this blackmail,” the statement added.

“The NOC has submitted written reports against this entity and its involved individuals, to reveal their blatant practices through which they try to pass suspicious oil deals,” the statement added.

“We hold this armed group responsible for attacking the oil sector’s companies, especially given that it was involved in the failed attack on the National Oil Corporation on 23 November 2020,” the NOC said.