Libyan Navy Rescues 126 Migrants Northeast of Tripoli


On Monday, the spokesman of the Libyan Navy’s Chief of Staff announced that 126 migrants were rescued from drowning at sea in the Libyan search and rescue region (SRR) northeast of Tripoli.

The spokesman said that the Libyan Navy boat ‘Al Kifah’ carried out a successful rescue operation on Friday morning for the 126 migrants. The Libyan Search and Rescue Centre received a signal for help in the presence of a black rubber boat in north-eastern Tripoli, which needs relief and rescue operations.

The mission was successful and the migrants were unloaded at the port of Tripoli. Humanitarian and medical aid was provided before the migrants were delivered to the Immigration Police.

Notably, the Criminal Investigation Department of Al-Marj managed to arrest 28 illegal immigrants of Egyptian nationality on Thursday.

In a statement, the Al-Marj Security Directorate stated that the migrants were traveling in two four-wheel-drive cars, heading towards the eastern gate of the city of Al-Marj, near Benghazi.

The Police added one of the two cars was found soaked in mud in a street and when police personnel attended, they found the body of an unidentified person in the trunk of the car. Police said the body was covered with a cloth and had traces of blood. The body was transferred to the morgue of Al-Marj Hospital.