Libya News TV’s Chairman Accused of Squandering Public Money


On Saturday, the Head of the Libyan Media Corporation (LMC), Mohamed Baio, filed a complaint to the Investigations Department of the Prosecutor General’s office, headed by Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, against the Chairman and Director General of Libya News TV Channel.

In a statement, the LMC, which is affiliated to the Government of National Accord (GNA), said that Baio’s complaint are linked to the squandering of 35 million dinars that had been allocated in 2013 to the TV channel, which was headed by Suleiman Dougha.

The statement added that the crime is yet to be resolved despite the fact that investigations over the case have been completed in 2015.

It was also confirmed that the complaint submitted by Baio was attached with a file of all evidence and documents on the violations of the channel, indicating that the head of the investigations department promised to legally consider the complaint in order to defend the public interest.

Baio confirmed, “The complaint comes in compliance with the requirements of the law and keenness to defend the truth and the state’s values in the face of all attempts to spread chaos in the country and bring all corrupts to justice.”

On 20 October, Baio was kidnapped in Tripoli by the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade (TRB). A number of accounts on social media platforms circulated a picture of Baio inside the TRB’s headquarters. Other sources alleged that the TRB commander, Ayoub Abu Ras, was behind the kidnapping of Baio, and his two sons.

Baio had also announced prior to his kidnapping that he had received threats made by Ayoub Abu Ras for having referred Suleiman Dougha to an investigation on charges of misappropriating and embezzling 35 million dinars, in addition to combating corruption in media bodies.