Wives of ISIS Fighters in Libya Deported to Ghana


The Justice Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has deported 11 Ghanaian wives of ISIS members through Tripoli’s Mitiga International Airport in Libya.

The Media Office’s Head of the GNA’s Justice Ministry, Ahlam Fakar, said in statements that the inmates were victims of the terrorist organisation, which was removed from Sirte in 2016.

Fakar added that the deportation process took place under the supervision of a team formed by the Minister of Justice’s decision. She explained that the deportation process was in the presence of the Ghanaian ambassador accredited to Libya.

The Ghanaian ambassador praised the unlimited support for the process of handing over their nationals. He pointed out that the inmates are in full health with their children.

The ambassador also appreciated the efforts made by the Ministry of Justice. He affirmed his aspiration for more prospects of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the judicial field.