Libyan 5+5 Military Commission Agree Open Main Road Linking East & West of the Country


The 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) reached an agreement to reopen the coastal road linking the east and west of the country, via the city of Sirte.

A member of the committee belonging to the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mukhtar Al-Naqasa, confirmed the Commission’scintention to uphold the Geneva ceasefire agreement and the outcomes of the Ghadames and Sirte meetings.

He added that the JMC faced some difficulties before reaching this agreement and announced that a meeting is being planned to begin the implementation of this agreement.

This comes hours after the Tripoli Protection Force (TPF) criticized the JMC for what it described as a deliberate delay in implementing the outcomes of the military track talks.

Last month, the Director of the Moral Guidance Department of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Khaled Al-Mahjoub, stated that the members of the commission have agreed to exchange prisoners.

Al-Mahjoub pointed out that they had submitted recommendations to the UN Security Council for a resolution regarding the exchange of prisoners. He added that the GNA is obligated to implement the agreement, despite the objection of some militias.